Monday, April 26, 2010

I Am A Liar!!

I needed a bit of a reality check because I know my emotions lie to me.  I have been feeling like I haven't improved since I started this running thing in January.  I "know" that's not true because I can run now and when I first started, I really couldn't.  In the beginning I was excited to run for 30 seconds.  Now I go five miles and get upset because I had to walk(ed) several times.  So, I went back to the beginning of this blog and started reading. 

I KNEW writing it all down would come in handy!!

I have said I haven't lost any weight....and that's a lie.  Since day one, I've lost a total of 7 pounds (on a good weight day).  Seven pounds in a little over 4 months isn't as much as I used to be able to lose....but, it's more than nothing which is what I've been telling myself I've lost.

I just wanted to come clean with all of you.  I feel better now.



  1. Don't beat yourself up! You can go 5 miles, even if you need to take a walk break every once in a while. I do, too! And 7 pounds is 7 pounds! Yea!!!!

  2. Gosh this post made me feel better about myself. And VERY proud of you Dana! You are doing great and 7 pounds? That's awesome!

    Have a wonderful day my friend!

  3. That's it - you lied, I'm done - never reading this blog again....Wait, I lied!

    You crack me up -- glad you cleared the air. If it made you feel better, I'm glad! Ha!


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