Monday, April 19, 2010


I've been going to physical therapy for my left calf.  It's been hurting pretty much since I started running.  I got new shoes, I've been to the chiropractor (something I thought I'd never do), I've been to massage therapy.  It got so bad at one point I thought it had progressed to a stress fracture.  (That wasn't just a random thought, the massage therapist was the one who told me to get an x-ray before I tried to run on it again.)  I went to an orthopaedic doctor who sent me to physical therapy. 

It's not really getting better.

Last Tuesday the physical therapist told me last week I had to make a choice.  She said I could either stop running (for at least a month) and continue therapy OR stop coming to therapy.  She said that I am basically wasting my time and money coming to therapy as long as I am going to keep running.  She believes I am re-injuring the leg every time I go out on it.

The "old me" would have been a little happy because that would have given me an excuse not to exercise.  But, I'm not who I was.  I would rather be told anything else than I (might) have to choose not to run.  I told her it doesn't really hurt (too bad) when I'm actually out running on it.  She said that's because it gets warmed up and because of the endorphins running gives me.  

I told her if she didn't see me before June (after the Cotton Row 10K I'm registered for and have been training for the last 2 months)...she'd know what my decision was.   I decided I would run with the group that night and then run the 5K Saturday...and then I would see how I felt.

Saturday, I was talking to a woman (an amazing master's runner) at the Cookie Dash who told me she had trouble with Planter Fasciitis.  She said she had the same experience.  Her feet didn't bother her when she was running-it was only the next day that she couldn't walk!  Her ortho pretty much told her the same thing-quit running.  (She went to Spine Care --chiro-- who did/does ART --active release therapy-- and she's almost completely pain free now.)

ART basically breaks up scar tissue...which is exactly what I've been thinking is the problem all along.  I can't remember if I've talked about it on here before or not, but I was in a bad car wreck about 16 years ago.  I had my leg sort of propped up between the driver's seat and the door (I was driving).  I hydroplaned and almost went under an 18-wheeler.  He was paying attention and moved over as far as he could so I slammed into his back wheels-crushing the front driver's side of my car-and my leg.  I didn't break it, but it's never been the same since then.

So, tonight I bought a massage thingy (on eBay, not from the linked on-line store) that SHOULD help if that's the problem.  I'm going to cancel my PT appointments and move my ortho follow up to the first week in June (instead of two weeks before the race as it is currently scheduled). 

Decision made.

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  1. I think you need to find a new physical therapist. I had the exact same problem, but luckily found a physical therapist who did everything he could to keep me running. He walked me through some exercises and taught me how to tape my foot myself. I only had to go once and was able to help myself heal. Don't ignore it though or you can really cause severe injury. I use yoga now to prevent a recurrence. Just found your blog through Run Like A Mother. Good luck with your training.


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