Thursday, April 15, 2010

Body Pump

Man, am I sore!!

I won a six month membership to Riviera Fitness Tuesday night.  So, yesterday after checking the schedules for all three local clubs, I drove about 25 minutes to the one that had a class I wanted to try out--BODY PUMP.  Wow.  Those ladies are tough. 

The location I went to was all female.  The class was basically lifting weights to music.  I used the baby weights, and on the lunges I didn't use any weights at all.  Wow.  I didn't realize just how weak I am.  No wonder I haven't been losing weight-I have NO MUSCLE in my body! 

I stayed after that torture class to take a look at the Zumba class.  It's like Latin dance aerobics. I more-or-less stood in the back of the room and watched.  After Body Pump, and knowing I was going to run 3.5 that night, I didn't want to push my calf any more than I had already....(maybe it sounds like an excuse, but it's true nonetheless).

One of the ways I evaluate a potential exercise class is by looking at the instructor.  One time my daughter and I checked out a local Jazzercise.  The instructor looked like she had stepped freshly out of 1982, from her BIG hair all the way to her leg warmers....and she was overweight.  Now, I'm sure she was fit.  She could do those moves like they were nothing--moves that were killing me at the time.  But she said she'd been teaching Jazzercise for like over 20 years (and was probably wearing the same outfit!).  I knew right then that was NOT the class for me (for more than one reason).

The instructor for Body Pump and Zumba (the same woman usually teaches both classes at that location) was out this week, so I didn't get to take a look at her.  The owner of all three local clubs taught the Body Pump class.  THAT'S what I look like in my dreams!!  She's probably about my age (maybe a few years younger).  She doesn't have that "I live at the gym" look about her, she just looks completely toned--every body part I could see was firm.  She's very healthy looking.  Not skinny, not ripped, not buff, not cut....I wouldn't even describe her as "thin" (although she is).  I would say normal...but after seeing the weight she was lifting, I can say she's NOT normal.  WOW.  Im-pres-sive.

The other way I evaluate a potential exercise class is by looking at the participants.  It was very interesting to compare these two classes.  The gals in the strength class were almost all very fit looking.  The Zumba class was FULL of overweight women (obviously not all of them...but an overwhelming majority).  They were clearly pros at this class because it's a tough dance based workout as far as choreography goes and these women had the moves down pat.  The Zumba class was also a lot more full than the Body Pump class.  ((I'm taking that as a sign that it's an easier class, but it could also have something to do with the fact that it's an hour later than the other one....))

Now, I know you can't judge a workout class solely by it's participants...but at the same time, don't you look at the people coming out of a hair salon and the stylist's hair for an indication of what kind of place it is??  And, when you're trying to decide if a restaurant is a good place to eat....SOMETIMES getting right in is not a good sign....and don't you look at the people going into the restaurant to see what kind of place it is??  I remember this buffet place we liked to go to in northwest Arkansas.  We called it "the hog trough" because we ALWAYS over ate when we went there and were sick afterwards.  The place was also ALWAYS filled with obese people.  Not just overweight, I'm talking clinically, morbidly, obese.  I'd venture to say that a minimum of 75% of the tables had at least one person in the group who was quite a bit heavier than 300 pounds (many most likely were over 500 pounds!!).  The food was good....too good. 

Just like I stopped going to "The Hog Trough", I won't be going back to Zumba.  Not because of the class make's just not my cup of tea.  I want to get my cardio from running not dancing.

Speaking of running...last night I went with my group-3.5 miles.  I forgot my Garmin.  I felt completely NAKED without it so I "had to" run with someone who could keep up with stats.  I started out with a girl from my group and one of my coaches.  We started out a little fast (about 10:30 or 11) compared to what we usually start at.  At our walk break I was worried that I might not be able to get started up again so I kept going....until a little after a mile.  Long story short, we finished with a pace of 11:52!!!!  I was hurting (only my left calf)...but man that felt really good!!  I'm ready for the 5K this weekend.

Thanks for stopping in, come again soon!

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