Cast of "Characters"

Emp--My friend who is an empath. She can see right through all the surface BS you try to cover yourself with and feels your heart and she loves me enough to poke at the sore spots.

Flipper--A dear friend who I have the pleasure of sharing a swim lane with every now and then.  (When I first started, she swam laps back and forth while I mostly just watched.  I don't think I would have started swimming at all without her encouragement.

Speedy--Started out just a running buddy who I had the pleasure of training with for the Cotton Row 10K 2010.  I don't get to run with her very often anymore, but I just love her so I find ways to get to hang out even if we aren't running.
Turtle--A neighbor who started running in July 2010.  Her name is in no way a reflection of her ability or speed--just the fact that she was new to running when we met.  (It's a term I learned in the military well over twenty years ago-who knows if they even still use it?)  She's pretty darn fast now.

Daisy--I met this lovely lady when I volunteered for a race she co-directed with Warrior.  I completely admire her in all aspects, not just running.  I count every opportunity to run with her as a gem.  More than that, I love just spending time with her.  Running is beginning to take a back seat to Starbucks!

Warrior--I first saw her at the Wounder Warrior 5K-turned-3K.  I had been "running" about a month at that time.  I saw her out on the course and she was nothing short of AMAZING-not just her speed, but her attitude.  She was incredibly encouraging to little ole me.  Then I got to officially meet her when I volunteered for the race she co-directed with Daisy.  She's a super-positive person!!

Hard Body--She's a neighbor who is also a personal trainer.  She used to lead classes at the gym I belonged to.  I went to her spin and power class and "Ab Torture".  She made 30 minutes of ab torture and glute submission look EASY-which it's completely not.

Mrs. Rogers--My next door neighbor (as in "Won't-you-be-my-neighbor?" Mr. Rogers Neighborhood).

Chickpea--a fantastic lady I'm proud to say I've trained with.  She's faster than me, but I want to catch up to her one of these days!

Iron Angel--The amazing woman who ran the Rocket City Marathon with me in 2011.  She's in unbelievable physical shape, as well she should be as a multi-time marathoner and Ironman!