Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week 6 Recap


Monday was the first day running for me in a week.  My calf had finally stopped hurting so I was more than a little nervous to get back on it....but at the same time, I was ready to roll.  I didn't get far (just 1.35 miles), but my average pace was 11:48.  After I quit I felt like I should have kept going, but it really did hurt and I did NOT want to push it too hard knowing I would be running HILLS with my running group the next night.  (I ran about 12 minutes and walked 4, with the longest running interval being the first at 6 minutes.)

Tuesday HILLS were actually fun!  Yes, I think I'm sick-with runneritis!  We did a little warm up and then tackled this big boy...

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Yes, I'm aware it doesn't look like much there....exactly what I was thinking....and then they said, "well, that's not really it..."  So, we ran up the part of the map they don't have on street view...and then got to THIS:

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Just keep clicking up Corlett until you get to Baylor...then we took a left on Baylor, went down to Jones Valley...took a left back to Corlett--and did it AGAIN!

I thought my calf would be screaming at me, but surprisingly enough, it felt better than my heart that was about to beat out of my chest.  To be completely honest, I "ran" up the first little part, and mostly walked the rest of the way up both times.  But, when I got to the top, I ran like the wind down.  In fact, I had my longest running interval ever (except the "race"), 9:15.  Over all we did about 3.5 miles and my average pace over the whole thing was about 12:30!  I've got to say I'm REALLY PSYCHED about that pace given the elevation change and the bum calf. 

Thursday I met up with one of my group coaches and did an "easy" two miles.  It was supposed to be 3.5, but I decided to cut it short and have a reserve for Saturday's 5 miler.

Yes, Saturday I did 5 miles with the group.  My usual partner wasn't there.  I was really nervous about how my calf would feel....and I DID IT!!  The walk/run group was supposed to do 8 minutes running and 1 minute walking.  There was even a good sized hill thrown in there for good measure.  ...And, guess what??  I walked only SIX minutes out of 61!!  Even with the hill, I ran a 12:24 pace for five miles!!  I might have to devote a whole post that that run because it felt truly awesome!!


I keep being reminded I CAN DO IT.  My mind wants to say I can't sometimes.  And, my left calf is making a good argument for my limitations as well...but once it gets warmed up it seems to join the party the rest of my body is having.

I learned that tendons take a very long time to strengthen and to heal.  The PT said USUALLY the heart gets with the program first, then the muscles, then the tendons and ligaments.  She said that's probably why my legs feel pretty good when they get warmed up-the muscles are ready to go.  She said it's very important to take it slow and not over do it so as not to hurt the tendons/ligaments.

Hills are actually very fun!!

I CAN RUN!!!  Saturday, my longest running interval was...are you ready??...THIRTY MINUTES!!!


Cross train/stretch/strengthen.

Incorporate more hills into my training.

Stick with the plan!!!


I'm sad to report.... I've been watching what I eat with a magnifying glass, writing down every single bite of food.  I've mostly followed the plan.  ...Still no weight loss!  Yes, I'm serious.  I was getting very discouraged until I found a book that I've ordered but haven't gotten yet...It's very appropriately called "Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Lab Tests Are Normal?" by Datis Kharrazian.  I'm really hoping there will be some answers there.  I've never had this much trouble losing weight.  

Well, thanks for stopping in, come again soon!

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