Saturday, June 8, 2013

...but I Get Up Again

You know that song (WARNING...earworm about to strike...)  "I get knocked down, but I get up're never gonna keep me down".  I think it's actually called "Tubthumping" but I have no idea why.  (Are you singing the song in your head?  You're welcome.)

That feels like exactly where I'm at...getting knocked down, getting up again only to be knocked down again.

Back on May 14th (so that's like 26 days ago) I had a Medial Branch Nerve Ablation.  Basically some nerve endings in the vertebrae of my neck were burned.  The doctor told me my symptoms would get worse for a bit then gradually go away.  Thankfully that has been my experience!  There have been some days I have NO PAIN (or even discomfort) at all!  I have been able to run a decent 5K and a PR 10K.  I even had a few "good" swim workouts.

And then...I started getting sick.  I'll spare you the run down, but I actually started noticing it a week ago Thursday.  But, come on.  I JUST started training again.  This happens every time and I know it.  When I start buckling down my body revolts a little.  This time it revolted a lot.  I finally took myself to the doctor and found out I was probably on the verge of walking pneumonia!!  She said it wasn't there yet, but all things considered, if I had continued to ignore things that's where I would probably have wound up.  Who knows if my body could have fought this off if I had rested more in the beginning.  ((If I'm being honest I would probably say it could have, but I'm going to stick with
there's no way to know for sure and leave it at that!))  But, as it is I've had to skip workouts since Wednesday (unless you count sitting on the Spin bike for 2 hours, which I can't say that I really do).

However...I get knocked down, but I GET UP AGAIN!!  I'm starting to feel human again (at least a little bit).  I'll start (again) on Monday.   This is a serious exercise in patience and in relentless forward movement.  Sometimes that looks like stillness, but the truth is I'm just recharging so I can put more effort into my "forward"!

Thanks for stopping by...come again soon! :D