Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Houston, we have (had) a problem...

I thought so....

I couldn't understand why it was that all my faithful readers (all five of you) seemed to have stopped reading at the same time.  I finally figured out there was a problem with my feed.  Obviously I fixed it, but you ended up with several posts in your reader all at one time.  Gosh, I am so sorry. 

I don't guess it really matters, but it's like talking to someone on the phone and the service cuts out, but you don't know it so you just keep talking....wondering why they aren't saying anything.  

Feel free to leave comments on the old posts, or not.  I didn't realize it, but some people apparently don't like to get comments on old posts.  Yes, for those of you like me who love it, it's true.  I read a post one time about pet peeves and that was one of them...and several commenters concurred!!   I think that writer said basically they had moved on and a comment on an old post was like going back in a conversation.  For the record....I'm perfectly okay with that!!  In fact I'll try to refrain from writing on this blog for a few days to give you time to get caught up!!!  :D

I have to say THIS POST has to be my favorite one.  If it's not too much to ask, I'd really appreciate some--honest and unabashed--feedback on that particular post.  When I feel like I can call myself a "real runner" .....okay, before SOMEONE pounds his computer over the label (you know who you are, **cough, Alan, cough**), let me rephrase....  After I've become a seasoned runner (yes, still a label, but more appropriate I think), I would love my blog to be a sort of "go-to" site for nerds highly inquisitive people like me to find tips and information.  The "I Love Lucy" post is the kind of thing I'd like to write.  Hopefully giving more information than a casual reader would want, but in a way that isn't overly bookish.  You know what I mean? 

Well...at least I'm back on track again!  Thanks for stopping in, come again soon!!



  1. I wondered where you'd been! :) I'm glad you're back -- even though you never left. :)

  2. I got a kick out of this post! I chuckled right out loud several times. Thanks for that! I too will take comments on anythign and everything! I don't need them to be up to date! Just shows people are reading my stuff! (I just need to be writing more....not been doing that lately!)

    Will be staying posted...I hope to someday become a nerd and a seasoned runner....to everything there is a season...mine's just not in bloom yet!

  3. Hey - you are doing great - I am very proud of you! I forgot my password & couldn't log in... sorry. Also have been busy. Hope your leg feels better. Loved the stories about your cat!

  4. I'll take any comment I can get.... I'm needy that way!


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