PRs/Race Results

***This page hasn't been updated in a LONG time!!***
(because, let's face it...does it really matter what my PRs are?)

Trail run with my better half!  GREAT run that day!

As I enter races (and run farther distances), I'll enter results here...lest I forget just how far I've come

Longest running distance to date (walk/run): 26.5 miles (average pace 9:57)

Longest running distance to date (solid run):  18 miles (average pace was somewhere between 9:15-9:30!!)

Wounded Warrior 5K turned 3K (1.66 miles)  (my first real race!) (19:24)
Getting ready to run Wounded Warrior-it started sleeting just after we finished!
Cookie Dash 5K  May '10 (33:19)
Running of the Bulls 5K August '10 (32:44)
Rudolf Run 5K December '10 (28:45)
Firecraker 5K July '11 (27:37)
5K PR-Turkey Chase November '11 (24:43)
Steeple Chase 8K  May '10 (58:27)
Cotton Row 10K May '10 (1:17:36--hobbled through a lot of this race)
Cotton Row 10K May '11 (1:00:24--chip time)
Women's Half Marathon September '10 (2:38:58)
Mardi Gras Half February '10 (2:19:14)
Half Marathon PR-Huntsville Half November '11 (1:56:30)
PR-Rocket City Marathon December '12 (4:23:44)

Finish line at Cotton Row '10

Fastest speed/pace to date: 4:19 on 11/25/10-Chasing that dang TURKEY!  (Check out the data--you can see we rulked the whole way as he suckered me into a false sense of security then turned on the heat at the end!)