Monday, January 18, 2010


Today was a little harder.  I think it was because I waited just a little bit before I went out...and because I didn't take the day off as it should have been.  I wanted to do my tomorrow's work out today since I have Bible study tomorrow.

I've joined a site called Training Peaks (maybe I've already mentioned it??).  My profile is here.

I decided to make this public because the truth is that ...I am what I am.  If I can help someone else have the courage to be themselves and not feel like they have to pretend to be something different, then I will boldly show myself to others!!, I'm not planning to join some naturalist camp and go around in the nude.  Also, having it public (even if no one other than  me ever looks at it), gives me a measure of accountability.  It might be silly, but that's okay too!!

Oh, BTW, as of yesterday I have lost 3 pounds!  YEA me!

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