Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I had a great "walun" (more walk than run) today!!  I averaged 4.4mph, which is good considering I only have 15 minutes of interval running.   My fastest pace was 7.8mph!!!  I had six 30-second recoveries and six 45-second recoveries....eleven 30-second runs and two 45-second runs.  It might not seem like great results for some, but it's FANTASTIC for me and I'm completely STOKED!!

I learned something today.  Even when says it's 45 degrees outside...45, pre-dawn, feels completely different than 45 on a sunny day when the wind isn't blowing.  Since it was 25 when I woke up, I decided to clean my house before going out, to let it warm up a 45.  But, let me tell you, it got down right WARM wearing the "recommended" 45-degree running clothes (running tights, tech long sleeved top, gloves and ear warmer).

Also, I'm adding a moisture wicking ear warmer to my wish list.  From what I understand, they keep your ears warm (and eardrums protected), but don't get wet with perspiration.

My neighbor told me about a tool they have at a local sports store.  They have a tredmill with a camera that records your stride/gait so you can get the right kind of running shoes!!  I'm going to find out tomorrow if my favorite running store has the same thing....because I'd rather spend my running money there.

Have I mentioned that I joined a running group?  It kicks off February 23rd.  It's a 10 week, 10K training program.  The only two things I'm not looking forward to are 1) the runs are Tuesday NIGHTS (I usually run in the mornings), and 2) I'm nervous about having to keep up with a group.   I'm already having visions of being the last of the pack in Basic and OCS.  (More on this later...)

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm adding you to my following list. Good luck getting ready for Rocket City! Training for a marathon has definitely changed me. I hope you enjoy the journey and lifestyle change.

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