Friday, January 29, 2010


I've been reading another runner's training blog.  His profile name is "reachdown".  Interesting, because about a year and a half ago he started training for the Rocket City Marathon.  He says that he used to hate to run, but recently completed the Mountain Mist 50K.  Yes, 50K, that's 31 miles--on mountain trails, in January.  Obviously he doesn't hate running anymore!  That is something I can completely understand (the not hating running anymore, NOT the running a 50K race on mountain trails in January!).

I'm sure I'll say it too much, but I'm loving running.  I keep saying it because it still surprises me.  However, there are times I wonder if I'll really be able to do it....get up and run tomorrow, train all year, finish a 26+ mile race with a six hour time limit (that's an average of 4 miles per hour).

I read something on reachdown's blog the other day (pertaining to this state of questioning) that I really loved ... 
You don't decide daily to workout. The decision must already be made before the alarm chimes at dark:30 AM. You make the decision once and then just behave according to the decision you've made.
Last night, as I was getting ready for today's run, I was thinking I felt a little sore and the questioning internal dialogue started up again...and I remembered that quote.  So, this morning I didn't give it a second thought, I got up at dark:30 and went out even though said it was 35 ("feels like 27")...and had the best RULK ( word for more run than walk--not including my warm up and cool down).  I ran 8.5 and walked 6.5 of that middle 15 minutes.  YEA ME!!!

Let me just tell you, it felt GREAT!!  My recovery times are getting shorter and shorter, and I'm able to run longer and, I'm saying all that knowing it won't sound like much to "real" runners...but I'm committed to staying on my turtle pace program so I can "go the distance".

My average speed stayed the same (4.4), which I don't quite understand...if I'm running more with shorter recovery times, shouldn't my average speed increase (thereby increasing my distance)?  I'm going to have to do some hard data analysis to figure out what's going on there...but, for now, I'm just THRILLED to have made the progress that I have.

I'm behaving in accordance to the decision I've already made with my running...just like I've done in my marriage.  THAT story is a topic for my 100 Words blog, for another day.

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon!

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  1. Thanks for the plug. I'll be sure to look for you at Rocket City Marathon in December if we don't meet sooner.

    Good luck with your training!


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