Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Migraine, perhaps??

I don't know what is going on with my body!

I feel horrible.  My head is still pounding.  The ringing in my ears that has played in my head like quiet strains of muzac in an elevator for about a year now is blaring like a too-loud rock concert.  I thought it might be blood pressure related, but it's 108/62 and my pulse is 57.  (Pretty good, huh??!) ***Side note-I used to have a pounding heart beat...it has gotten significantly better since I started running.  My BP has always been on the low side of average, and even it has dropped a bit.

Okay, back to how bad I feel today.  I can't express to you how much I want to just go back to bed.  Actually, I did that already.  I took a nap before lunch.  What a slug!  I wish I could sleep until I feel better no matter how long that takes.  I HATE feeling bad.  Especially when I have no idea what's causing it.

I don't think I've eaten anything on "the list" all week, so I don't think that's it....wait, it's only Tuesday, huh?  Well, this would be day three since eating "bad" food.  That could be it.  From what I understand, it takes about three days to "detox".

THIS IS WHY I HAVE TO EAT CLEAN.  If I can't stay away from food I'm not supposed to have I'll never know if it's food that makes me feel like crap.  But, the ringing in the ears thing has been going on for a year now.  It gets better and worse but has not ever gone away.

Okay....enough about not feeling well.  Lamentations about it won't help.

My run yesterday morning was less than stellar.  It was my shortest run in a VERY long time.  I have strange niggling pains in various parts of my body...and I feel run down...and like I can't breathe.  But, when I got home and uploaded the Garmin data, I found out that my first mile was 10:23--much faster than I usually run.  Mile two, even with a couple of walk breaks, was 11:25 (which it more comfortable for me).  It was also stinking HOT out there.  Not only did I get a bit of a later start than usual, it's been hotter than it should be for FALL.  All-in-all, I'm okay with it.

....I wasn't okay with it until last night when I ran with the NOBO group I'm helping with.  I had the opportunity to run with someone who was really struggling.  I found myself telling her all the things I needed to hear.  (Imagine that, huh?)  She was really struggling to keep running (and lost that struggle many times).  She said, "I know when I get to the end, after I rest a few minutes, I'm going to feel like I should have been able to run the whole time, and that I could go do it again."  I told her, and myself at the same time..."You have to trust yourself. When you are done, and you are beating yourself up for taking these walk breaks, you have to tell yourself that you would have kept going if you could have.  It's easy to say, 'I could have done more/better or gone faster/longer' when you are sipping water after the fact.  But, right now, when you're out here doing it....do all you can so you can tell yourself you did all you could."

Okay, okay, I get it.  I'm not helping myself by berating myself after the fact.  It's hard to have a hard running week after having a good running week.  But, hopefully that means I'll have a good half marathon on Saturday!!

Speaking of the Women's Half Marathon in Nashville, Tennessee this Saturday September 25th, starting at 7am....my bib number is 4312.  I'm taking one for the team on this race...I'm going to be the last one in our group of runners to finish.   Someone has to be last in the group, so I'm volunteering for that spot so no one has to worry about it being them.  :D

Thanks for stopping, come again soon!


  1. I hope you're feeling better soon! I'll be in Nashville bringing up the back of the pack in our group, too (bib #4394). Have a great race!

  2. Get well soon. Nashville...a dream for us who were teen-agers in the 70's (musically speaking). Good luck on the race and I am sure that you will not be the last in the group.


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