Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Race Recovery...

How do you recover after a 5K PR race and 1 mile PR "fun run"?  Go out the next morning and run 8.15 miles!!  Well, at least that's how I did it.

Last week I had two fantastic runs.  Monday I ran my usual trail with Daisy and didn't stop one time for a walk break...and came in STRONG.  Tuesday I ran the race course-again, no walk breaks and in a great time.  (Not to mention Monday night I ran 1.5 with the NOBO group, and Tuesday I did Hard Body's ab torture, and then did laps at the pool.)  But I hadn't gotten in a long run.  Speedy and another gal were getting together to do eight (GASP) Sunday morning...and when I realized I still felt great Saturday night, I decided I'd join them.

Well, by the time we all got there, the eight miler had dwindled down to a four or five miler.  I secretly jumped for joy that I could do four or five with them and then do three or four alone.  Only because I was very nervous and scared--just not sure if I could do it or not.  Being alone means not having to slow someone else down, and not having to worry about letting someone hear me gasp for air!

We got started and after the first half mile or so my legs loosened up.  There ended up being four of us and we were running at a decent (read:  slow enough for me) pace of about 11:30-12:00.  We chatted the whole time and it was really fantastic.  When we got to about the four mile mark, one of the girls pealed off because she's been battling a foot injury and knew that was enough for her.   The rest of us decided we'd do another couple to get in six.

As we were headed back to the cars, I told them I was going to keep going to try for eight.  Speedy decided she'd come with  me after a quick (like maybe two or three minute at the most) pit stop for water.  We didn't have a route in mind so we sort of circled around close to the cars and talked the whole time.  She challenged me to surge up the hills (killed me, but I did it), and when we came in for the home stretch I said, come on, let's go, and we sprinted full blast for the cars.  We were neck and neck but I think if there had been a camera on the imaginary finish line, she'd have crossed a fraction of a second before me.

What an amazing run.  I had just put a comment on someone's blog a few days ago that I couldn't wait until I was running eight miles...and now I can say I have done it!!!  I ran the whole time (other than stopping for a couple of traffic lights and the water pit stop), and truly felt GREAT the whole time.

We are considering doing the Women's Half Marathon in Nashville in TWENTY FOUR DAYS!!  We looked at that one originally but neither of us thought we'd be ready for that distance that soon--but, hey, we're practically THERE now!  She'll use it for a training run for her target race-St Jude's in Memphis on December 4th, and I'll use it for a long run for my target race Rocket City Marathon on December 11th.  I'll get to run a Half with her, and she'll (possibly) hold back since it's a training run.  Plus, have you SEEN those finisher's medals?? 

Hello??!!  It's a medal and a charm necklace all in one!  Too cute!  I want all three (Nashville, Arizona and St. Petersburg, FL)...but I think I'll have to choose just one a year or my husband might make me go back to work to pay for my race habit!

The one drawback (well, the main drawback) is that it's on the most important football game day of the season for me--the Alabama/Arkansas game!  (Hubs is from AL, I'm from AR--I cheer for the Tide in all games but that one.)  Speedy promised me she'd go with me and suffer through watching the game some where on TV.

What do you think?  To race or not to race, that is the question!

Thanks for stopping, come again soon.


  1. I LOVE that medal/necklace duo! That is a tough one..... I say go for it and RACE! If you don't you may wish you had.... I don't think you'd regret going and not staying home and watching the game, you know?

  2. The answer is: race! Perhaps the Alabama and Arkansas teams will not play to support you during all the half marathon.
    About your race "recovery" you made great but sometimes we need one day of rest.

  3. Could you finish the half? Absolutely. But you have to go into it with the mentality that you're willing to pull up if something starts to hurt. There is a difference between pushing your body to the limit when you are properly trained and asking it to do something without a solid foundation. And, my friend, you are coming off of an injury. I'd hate to see you sidelined. It's not worth the finisher's medal... No matter how cute they are.

  4. I say do it! If you go in with the idea that it's a training run, then it will be awesome practice. In my tri training, it was invaluable for me to do the duathlon back in june. It helped build my confidence for my graduation race. If you need to walk a little- so what. You'll have one up on those peeps who haven't done a race of that length yet. Ditto what anonymous said though- listen to your body! YAY, I will live through you and Speedy!


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