Saturday, August 14, 2010


In tribute to my SIX mile "long" run today... Here are my six sixes.

1) Six new terms I could have used today (for explanations, click on the link):
  1. FIRM//Step Sister
  2. Jog Itch
  3. Land Mines
  4. Releasing the Crackin
  5. River Nile
  6. Rulk (note--this is one of my additions to the glossary!!)
2) Six joys from today's run:
(Much prettier in person.) 
  1. BEAUTIFUL greenway--a full mile of which I'd never seen before today.
  2. Passing by no less than THREE people who smelled just amazing.  Not in a "I'm-going-to-douse-myself-in-cologne-so-I-won't-stink" way, but "I-just-stepped-right-out-of-the-shower-and-just-took-my-clothes-out-of-the-dryer" kind of way.  (Yes, I have to admit it--I LOVE passing by someone who smells good.  I don't know why, and I fully admit it's one of the stranger things about me....but it makes me smile every time it happens.)
  3. Running six miles with a pace of just about 12:00 on the nose.
  4. Getting to see all my running buddies who are in the 13.1 training group, and a couple of other running buddies, too.  (Including Daisy.)
  5. Getting to run with a running friend I totally admire for the first two miles.
  6. Sprinting in the last maybe 30-50 feet!
3) Six lessons learned from today's run:
  1. I need to either get a bigger water bottle, or better yet, buy a fuel belt.  I ran out of water at about mile 3.5.
  2. Gu really does work.
  3. Remember to take a sweat rag.  I want to try the Chilly Pad...but then again, I'm not sure how well it would work to mop up the buckets of sweat that pour off my face?
  4. Listening to a great podcast on running is INCREDIBLY MOTIVATING.  My choice du jour: The Marathon Show.  Love this show; can't say enough good things about it-entertaining, inspiring, informative.
  5. Short goals WORK (ie: run to the next phone pole; run to that leaf in the path; run to that place where the asphalt changes to opposed to "run six miles today" or "run another mile")
  6. I can run.
4) Six pieces of gear I want (because it's all about the gear!!):
  1. Fuel belt
  2. Trail shoes
  3. Running bra--not quite sure I need this, but I think I'm going to try it out (brand to try: Moving Comfort) and see-I'll let you know the results.
  4. Halo headband 
  5. New running socks (no link because I'm not sure which ones to get, which is why I'm still running in the Nike moisture wicking socks I bought a year ago...I have six pairs but still...they are just about worn out.)
  6. when it comes out--an armband for the Otterbox I now carry my phone in after I shattered not just one but TWO screens within a three week period!
5) Six tips for new runners....some of which are repeated, but are well worth saying again:
  1. Start out slow.  Low distance and slow pace.  Don't increase either of those too fast.
  2. Make sure you are hydrating as a way of life.  Your urine should be pale yellow-any darker-you aren't getting enough fluid; any lighter-you may be getting too much.  (Going to the bathroom is a small price to pay for proper hydration.)
  3. Make sure you're eating enough calories to support your efforts--in all three categories-protein, fat and carbs.
  4. GET FITTED FOR SHOES BY A SPECIALTY RUNNING STORE.  (Along the same vein, if you're a woman-get properly fitted for a running bra.)
  5. Listen to your body.  If you don't know what it's saying to you-slow down and listen harder.
  6. Cross train.  Swimming, biking, rowing.  Strength training is something you should do in addition to cardio.
6) Six marathons I want to do one of these days (in no particular order):
  1. Athens
  2. ING New York City
  3. ANY Rock 'n' Roll
  4. Maratona di Roma
  5. Marathon to Marathon (because of what I heard about it on The Marathon Show)
  6. Marathon du Medoc
I'm telling you, after looking up the links for all of those, it is taking all I have in me not to sign up for every single one of them right now!!  I can hear my husband's voice in my head right now, "Slow down there killer...let's just get you to Rocket City in December and then we'll think about those others....maybe."  

Thanks for stopping in, come again soon!

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  1. Good Content! It's worth reading. I recommend Smart Wool socks since you're wondering about socks. Don't be spooked by "wool," they're great. Nice marathon selection. I suggest adding Carlsbad Marathon in Carlsbad, CA. About 14 miles of the course are along (right along) the Pacific. My best wishes, Joe Taricani, host, The Marathon Show


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