Monday, August 9, 2010

"Coach Dana"

I LOVE mentoring.  I love it that I really do know quite a bit about running now, but more than that, I love helping people get as obsessed with this sport as I am.  I'm like the crack dealer who gives free samples!!  I love helping people reach their goals and seeing the look of accomplishment on their faces when they realize the CAN run.  One woman in the group came with a cane last week and this week she not only walked without it--she knocked 10 minutes off her time from last week!!  That's FAN.TAS.TIC!!

I went early to the group run tonight so that I could put in some extra time, which I did.  I did a little warm up, then ran about 21 minutes at an easy pace (12).  After that I got with the 13:00 pace group and ended up being the pacer.  I was really nervous about that because every time I start running I get the overwhelming fear of "what if I can't do it?".  It's not so bad alone, or even as a member of a group...but as a pacer??!!  Not doing it is not an option.  And, when I'm supposed to be "Coach Dana" I shouldn't be huffing and puffing...or, worse, limping along.  As a back of the pack mentor it's much easier because I can slow down with someone who is struggling.  But, as a leading pacer there is no slowing down.  If I'm being was incredibly EASY!!  I could very easily kept going. 

Now...mind first couple of miles did NOT feel that way at all.  I wondered a few minutes into it if I'd be able to keep going.  I had the thought after a mile that it would be fine for me to take a little walk break.  But when I "checked in" with myself I realized there wasn't any part of my body that hurt....and my breathing was not labored at all.   I could have "easily" talked someone's ear off.  I think my heart rate monitor isn't working properly because through the whole night it only got up to about 165.  During the 13:00 mile it hovered around 150.  Either it's broken or my heart is much stronger than it was...  But, nevertheless, there was no reason for me to take a walk break.   So, I didn't. 

The first mile is "always" the hardest. 

Tomorrow is Power Yoga and swimming-hopefully with Flipper.  Wednesday is 30 minutes "easy" running with Turtle-I'm going to try to keep our pace about 12:30.  Thursday is my first "speed" day of 10 warm up at 12:30ish pace, then 10 at a faster pace (going for 11), then 10 cool down.  Friday is rest.  Saturday I'm going to attempt a 6 miler with no walk breaks-12:30ish (maybe 13) pace.

So much to say, so little time!  Thanks for stopping, come again soon!


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