Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mach Tenn Results

Okay...this has to be a record for the fastest consecutive post I've ever done.  ((NOTE: it would have been the fastest, but I waited to publish it so I could process through a little bit more...I actually wrote most of this starting about one minute after the last post!!))

I just looked at the results and in true Dana fashion, I'm going to pick them apart.  I might as well do that in writing and kill two birds with one stone!  :D

   O'All No.   Name                    Age Time     Rank Swim  Tran 1 Rank Bike     T2  Rank Run     
== ===== ===== ======================= === ======== ==== ===== ====== ==== ======= ==== ==== ======   
 1   116   253 Kay Goodrum             44  1:41:43    4  19:17   1:35    4   50:17  1:12   1  29:23
 2   117   276 Kellie Arrant           41  1:41:55    7  21:03   1:57    1   47:49  1:02   2  30:06
 3   123   173 Lora Barkenbus Fox      42  1:42:13    3  19:08   1:29    3   50:17  1:06   3  30:15
 4   208   149 Melissa Gomez           41  1:52:00    6  21:01   3:39    2   49:10  2:50   6  35:23
 5   223   297 Julianna Waller-Swiebel 42  1:54:14    8  21:12   2:09    8   58:00  1:23   4  31:32
 6   237   337 Michele Coomer          42  1:55:56   10  24:13   2:30    7   54:39  2:17   5  32:19
 7   241    42 Dana Debardelaben       43  1:56:18    9  22:14   2:06    6   53:59  1:09   7  36:52
 8   267    73 Christine Schmalzer     43  1:59:55    1  15:57   1:53    9 1:00:01  1:16   8  40:51
 9   293   262 Joanna Whisenant        42  2:05:14    5  20:49   2:46    5   52:30  2:30  11  44:41
10   297   146 Janet Coffey            40  2:07:39    2  18:19   3:18   11 1:01:46  2:26   9  41:52
11   323   366 Cindy Miller            43  2:18:21   11  29:04   3:03   10 1:00:57  1:29  10  43:49 

I sure hope the results post the way I want them too because I copied and pasted them from the Mach Tenn site and then had to resize stuff...  Anyway...

First of all, for the first time in a race I've seriously analyzed results, there wasn't a Female Masters winner from my age group, so these 11 were it today.  (Small race.)

In order to have placed today I would have had to make up 14:06 somewhere.  When I look at my times compared to third place across all sections I can see where I think I could have used the most work (in today's race, in today's conditions)-where I would have gotten the biggest bang for my buck so to speak.

CategoryMy Time3rd Place Person's TimeDelta For Me to Beat 3rd Place by 1 Sec
Swim22:14 (9th)19:083:07
Bike53:59 (6th)50:173:43
Run36:52 (7th)30:156:38
T12:06 (4th)1:30:38
T21:09 (3rd)1:06:04

So...if I had beat the third place person in all sections by one second I would have had an overall better time difference of 14:10...but the section I lost the most on was the RUN (as opposed to the bike or the swim as it usually is!!!).

Like I said in my last post, I'm going to devote a whole post to the swim but there's NO DOUBT in my mind I could have fairly easily made up 3 minutes in today's swim with some slight improvements.  I could have made up the difference in T2 (and part of the T1 time) with one minor change (not putting on SOCKS!), I would have also made up time if I hadn't been as careful with my wetsuit--something I'm sure I'll get over after I've worn it several times, but yesterday was it's race debut!

As far as the bike time average speed was 17.8 (if I did the math right), and I'm OVERJOYED with that speed given my past performances and that course.  It wasn't a hard course, it was just rolling.   I'm super excited to be seeing my bike speeds increasing!!  I can see a day in the not too distant future where I can make up that kind of difference on the bike....I think it averages out to just about 1mph.

Now...the run...  My pace was 9:14, the 3rd place gal's pace was 7:34.  That's a huge difference.  However...when I look at the female overall master's winners...the gal who won first place came in 4th on the swim, 5th on the run, but 1st on the bike.  Second place (Coach Karen, by the way) came in 1st on the swim, 3rd on the bike but 12th on the run.  Third place came in 1st on the run, 2nd on the bike but 12th on the swim.  That's what I LOVE about can have a "weaker" sport, but if you are able to make up the difference in one or two of the other sports you can end up on the podium.

My take-away from my data analysis is this--I have got to be more willing to SUFFER, but especially on the run.  I have room for growth in all areas.  I can actually see improvement on the bike and swim, but I'll have to put some VERY hard work in on my run to get it where it needs to be in order to be competitive.  ((Maybe I'll get this down by the time I'm 55 and the field will decrease by then!))

Thanks to my husband for writing the HTML code for my cool table!!

Thanks for hanging with me through the analysis!!  Come again soon for the full story on the swim and more about Pig Tails (the gal I raced to the finish line). 

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