Friday, June 8, 2012

Proving Myself Right

Pretty much ever since I started swimming, I have had the mindset of completing my workouts and completing that portion of the races I have entered.

Well...let me back up.  To be perfectly honest, I've had trouble even completing many workouts.  Sure I've had "legitimate" reasons for missing some of them, but more times than I really care to admit, I haven't even started the swim of the day out of fear.  I would get my workout and think, "really?  I can't do that!"...and I would prove myself right.  Other times I have started it thinking, "I'll never be able to finish this"...and I would prove myself right.  And....there have been other times when I thought, "I can do this...I can complete this thing"...and I have proven myself right, I "complete" it, I endure it, I survive the workout and can check it off the list.

Interestingly enough I have started every swim of every race thinking, "I will certainly complete this distance".   I have never even considered the idea I might not finish a swim in a race.  I have known I would be able to get to the finish with out having to hold onto a boat or seek assistance of any kind.  ...and I have proven myself right.

I have also never even considered the idea I would be able to compete in the swim....until recently.  I'm not sure when the idea popped in my head, but I remember it was something like, "why not?  Why can't I train to COMPETE in the swim?"  I'm positive it started with something Coach Eric said or something he posted on FaceBook, but I can't tell you what it was.  The idea is being reinforced daily as I continue to listen to Macca's book "I'm Here to Win".

I think, I BELIEVE we generally prove ourselves right.  If I want to compete in my races (and I do), then I have to train with that end goal in mind.  I can't simply endure workouts; I have to WORK, I have to PUSH in my training.  I can't go into them with anything less than the thought of "I'm going to give everything I have to the task in front of me and do even more than I think is my best." ...and I have to prove myself right.

I think tomorrow's swim is the longest one I've ever done.  If it's not the longest, it certainly has the longest continuous sets I've ever done.  I'm going to say this right now....I'm not just going to endure the workout.  I'm not going to just complete the workout.  I'm going to PUSH to give all I have to it.

If I don't BELIEVE it, I can't ACHIEVE it, right Dennis??   I believe I can compete in the swim...and I'm going to start proving myself right by training that way.

Thanks for stopping in...come again soon.  I still have a post to write up about PigTails from Mach Tenn as well as the swim portion of that race.



  1. Really nice post. So true. One of the difficult things about excellence is that you have to believe before you actually see the results. It's a lot easier to believe in what you have seen.

    Good stuff.

  2. Pigtails here. I am getting lighter and faster to give Gayle another run for the 5 seconds she beat me by.. I like running Athena because often I am competing against strong women 20 years younger than I am (current age 51). Even in Masters Athena I am may compete with someone 11 years younger... always ups the ante and keeps it interesting year after year.

    - hope to see your tribe again soon. maybe at Music City in July?
    USTA member since 1984

    1. Hey Belinda!!! So glad you found the blog-but so sorry I haven't written up the post about you yet!! It's coming! :D I still can NOT believe you are 51! If I had not met you in person I would swear you were using a picture of you from your early 30s! My next big race will be Atomic Man in September. :D

  3. Wow - you doing the half Ironman?? I am unworthy.....Olympic is my max distance.

    I am preparing for the HOT Nashville Tri-Music City Olympic July 22nd. Last year it was 95 degrees and who knows about this year. - so I have dropped 8 lb in prep for the heat since June and I just WANTED to be lighter for lots of reasons. Still well in to Athena territory though. All this muscle is heavy - Ha ha...
    soon, Belinda


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