Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting High

Let me be clear...I've never done any kind of drugs before...unless you count drinking alcohol, which I think some people classify as a drug, but I actually don't....and unless you count prescriptions taken as directed by a doctor (which I don't think ANYONE would call "doing drugs").  However I believe I can still say, the high I get from exercise is WAY better than any high from drug out there.

First of all...uh, hello!!  It's LEGAL!!  I don't have to be worried about being arrested for partaking in my high of choice.  I don't have to worry about drug testing if/when I ever go back to work  I won't ever have to spend time in jail or pay a fine for it.  I won't ever have to lie about doing it (unless I get hurt and my doctor tries to tell me to stop working out, then I probably will be FORCED to lie...).

My "drug" doesn't give me a hangover of any sort.  There's not (that I've experienced) any (direct) negative consequences of coming down from endorphins.  I've never had a headache or had to go through detox.  One could argue overuse injuries could be equated to a "hangover" of sorts...but I would disagree.  I can't come up with anything clever as to why I disagree, but I'm sure there's a difference somewhere!!  Also...there's no way (that I know of) to overdose on endorphins.  ((Maybe overuse injuries could be considered an overdose??))

The process of obtaining my high doesn't have me sticking needles in my arm, heating anything up (other than my muscles!), making any concoctions (other than mixing my EFS), or inhaling anything other than fresh air.

The funny thing is...if I were to have this conversation with real drug addicts, they would likely make the argument they get high quicker and easier; that my high is hard work and takes time.  While this is true, I won't every look back and regret getting "high" on endorphins.  I don't know of anyone who could say the same about drugs.  I would argue their high has long term damaging effects whereas my high has long term healthful effects. 

My way might seem harder, however when you boil it all down, and look at the whole picture, mine is the easier route to take to get high.

Thanks for stopping in.  Come again soon, dude!!!


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