Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Food Will Be the Death of Me

For quite a while I have been hyper-vigilant with my food choices.  Other than not quite eating enough before Wet Dog, I've done well at watching the kinds of foods I'm eating as well as how much.  I've also stayed away from all the foods on my food allergy/intolerance list, even all weekend at camp.  I took and made all my own food (baked -well, microwaved- potatoes with fake butter, gluten free waffles, protein powder). 

Until Sunday.

A while back after an open water swim my tri training group went to a place called Stevarino's in Scottsboro.  It looks like a hole-in-the-wall and is in the middle of a strip mall.  Not the place one would expect to find the best (looking) pizza in the WORLD!!  ((I'm not kidding you...that pizza looked better than what I had in Italy, and from what everyone was saying it tasted as good as it looked.))  Well, that night I chose to eat a seared tuna salad.  Don't get me wrong, it tasted great, but, come on, it was nothing compared to pizza.

Over the course of the camp weekend I road passed pizza nirvana no less than six times.  After all the calorie expenditure and being repeatedly faced with temptation...I caved Sunday afternoon and begged my husband to take me to Stevarino's.  We drove down there only to find is CLOSED.  I wanted to cry.  Rather than seeing it as an opportunity to make a better choice, I started thinking about other pizza places.  The only place I could think of that might be worth intestinal distress is also not open on Sunday.  Third place was not only open but on the way home.  After scarfing down some cheesy garlic bread (which wasn't actually very good) I ate some good (but not spectacularly fabulous) pizza.

Monday morning I woke up with a POUNDING, SPLITTING headache and a nose I couldn't breathe out of.  Tuesday and today I have battled total intestinal distress.  From past experience, my best guess is I'll continue having "issues" for the rest of this week.  Why can't I remember the momentary good taste of food is NOT WORTH the inevitable week of suffering.  I talked about it over and over all weekend.  I can't count the number of times I told my I couldn't lose weight and felt so horrible until I took the food allergy test and cut out the food on the list.  How I lost 4 pounds the first week and have felt better than I have in my life during the times I'm eating completely clean. I feel like garbage when I eat those foods.  How could I ruin it with pizza ...especially pizza that wasn't my first choice??

I hope the more I talk about it the more I can remember it's NOT WORTH IT!!!  I'm sorry for subjecting you to my melodrama!   But...thanks for stopping in...come again soon!! 


  1. Oh Dear. When I wrote to you complaining because I knew you'd understand, I had no idea that your week was just like mine! I feel your pain. Literally. I think I have developed a fear of food...

  2. Oh, my! I hate when I do things like that, too. And all you can do is write about it on your blog to feel better. No worries, I understand.

  3. That does not sound like fun! But don't beat yourself up too much more about it - what's done is done. Just work on feeling better! :) I know it would be nice if the occasional splurge wasn't so MEAN to the system!


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