Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day Dreams

Before I married my darling husband, I didn't like fairy tales and I didn't really day dream.  I didn't see the point.  I felt like if something was worth spending time on, it was worth making a goal to reach.  I didn't allow my mind the "freedom" to wander aimlessly. 

Today I'm day dreaming.  The reason I can call it daydreaming and not goal setting is because my dreams are HUGE and at least one is completely out of my control.

I have a hard time with phrasing because usually I would say "I want to...." but if it's a day dream I should say instead, "Wouldn't it be cool if..."

So...It would be so cool if I were able to compete in IronMan 70.3 New Orleans in April next year.  My daughter will graduate in May.  I'll compete in Hood to Coast in August.  Wouldn't it be crazy cool if I were able to attend an open casting call for Survivor that fall??  Here's where the day dream really takes off.

I would be able to say "I'm training for a spring 2013 IronMan".  I would be 43 and therefore an older contestant, but most likely not the oldest.  I'm in fairly decent shape and will hopefully be in even better shape this time next year.

...Yeah, I can't day dream.  I'm already making plans.  Goals.  Time tables. 

What exactly separates day dreams from goals anyway?  How does one allow her mind to go crazy with possibilities that she doesn't plan to pursue??  I don't think I can actually do it.

Do you day dream?  If so, what are they??  Help me out here.....

Thanks for stopping in.  Sit down, kick your feet up, close your eyes and tell me where your mind goes!


  1. I totally day-dream. Just with purpose. And my day-dreams usually turn into plans (and goals and time tables). And that is why it is so fun. I say day-dream and then go after it.

  2. Ok! I def believe this dream! I am dreaming too, so lets do it together! ;) I am a big planner, and if I dont make plans then nothing happens.


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