Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Save Your Ta-Tas

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I'm ashamed to say, even with having a mother who has gone toe-to-toe with the breast cancer beast, TWICE, and having my own little boobie scare six months ago...I'm still NOT as aware of my breasts as I should be. 

I think mine are pretty easy to over look really.  When I went to the Moving Comfort website to see if I needed to be fitted for a running bra, I found out they don't even have a size for me.  (Go to "Bra Finder...you're instructed to measure around your rib cage, just under your girls and add 5" for band size....then you measure your chest.  When I enter my band size, my chest measurement doesn't even show up on the "bust size" drop down!!.....I'm not kidding when I say mine are small.)

A while back, I had a real scare when my right boob failed "the test".  I was told I have several cysts in there that will have to be watched pretty much from now on.  Thankfully it doesn't have to be smashed, just checked with ultrasound.  But, have I felt them up since last April?  Uh, unless situating them in my running bra counts (and it doesn't), then no.  I haven't even really given them a second thought since then other than when I've bemoaned the fact they're shrinking as I've lost weight.

I was reminded today it's time for my recheck already; I go tomorrow to have that done.  Unfortunately, it's the niggling little fear in the back of my mind that has me remembering to be aware.  (Not all the pink I've seen everywhere the last five days, not all the changed profile pictures on Face Book -including mine as of today, not the 5K race I'll run on 10/16, not even the 3 Day Walk for the Cure a dear friend is participating in at the end of this month.)

That is EXACTLY why there's a whole month dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness.  Hopefully having your face rubbed in it (started to say "them" but didn't want to offend anyone!) all month, you'll stop long enough to feel your boobies...even if you're a guy, because guys get breast cancer too.  If you're a woman or an at-risk man, schedule a mammogram.  Talk to your friends and family about doing the same.  Donate to breast cancer research.  Participate in a Breast Cancer Fund Raiser.  There's a lot you can do to raise awareness.

Ask my mom...breast cancer is highly treatable IF it's caught early enough.  Do NOT ignore anything that feels different than it did last month....or different than it did six months ago when you last thought about it. 

By the way...I'm more than just a little nervous about the ultrasound tomorrow.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks for stopping in, come again soon!

PS....I set a new PR on the trail I run all the time this morning!  I wanted to stop MANY times, but Daisy kept me going!!  37:28 (pace of 10:49 for 3.46 miles).

PPS....Yes, you read that right earlier---I'VE LOST THIRTEEN POUNDS since I cut out all the foods on my allergy list!!!!!!!

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  1. I'll be praying for good results tomorrow.

    If anyone feels inspired by Dana's blog, feel free to make a tax deductible donation to either Donna, Abby or Sandra. http://the3day.org/goto/pinkforlife

    In 17 short days, my team will be walking 60 miles in 3 days to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research and community programs.


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