Thursday, October 14, 2010


For anyone familiar with P90X, the title of this post will be all too familiar.

I am now someone who recognizes the challenge for what it is...a dare to do your very best, knowing you (as the average person) will "never" meet the impossible levels of fitness displayed on the screen!

I began the 90 day dare on Monday.  MV8r had posted on Face Book that she was going to start the workout plan and I, blindly, said I would do it with her.  I had heard from a couple of friends that it was a tough work of whom I knew had not only lost a decent amount of weight, but also got totally BUFF in the process.  But, REALLY??  Tough describes something that is difficult, but still doable.  P90X is IMPOSSIBLE to complete as a novice.

In all fairness, the booklet, that I didn't bother to read until peeking at it briefly today (day four), says you should take a complete fitness test prior to starting the series, and if you can't meet a minimum of requirements you should start with P90.  Also...I believe the whole point is to improve through the whole 90 days.  It's set up so that you should NOT be able to do everything they do.  And, really, if you could, you wouldn't be doing those workouts, you'd be teaching them, or strutting your stuff on a beach somewhere or a magazine cover!!

So, I started out bright and early Monday morning at 5:30 with MV8r.  Half way through the hour long torture session, the DVD froze up.  We tried everything we could to get past that spot, but nothing worked.  Not wanting to stop after only 30 minutes, we popped in the Ab-Ripper disc and completed a full 60 minutes of what they call "muscle confusion". 

My muscles weren't "confused", they were crying out, "This is not right! Why aren't you running???"  But, they were really screaming just a couple of hours later when I met up with Daisy to do our usual trail run....and they were outraged when I went to "run" two miles with the NOBO group that evening.  ((I intentionally "swept", meaning I was with the slowest person so we walked the whole time.))  Tuesday morning, my muscles weren't confused at all....they were certainly, without a doubt, in agony!!

I had planned to run with Daisy Tuesday morning, but my right foot was hurting and it didn't seem to be working itself out so I backed out.  Dr Google diagnosed it as tendonitis, so I rolled it around on the Trigger Point barbell thing, and took some anti-inflammatory meds which not only helped my foot, they also calmed the soreness in the rest of my body.   But my muscles were still not ready to "Bring It" again at 2:00...but "Bring It" for day two of P90X!

That night my better half and I were talking about the workout and I was going on about the success stories on the website.  I guess he really does listen to me at least some of the time because the next day, after I met up with MV8r at 5:30 for Day 3 (yoga), he said he thought we should buy the Complete P90X System and do the program together!!!  Since I wanted to capitalize on his resolve before he changed his mind, I ran next door and borrowed the DVDs from my neighbor and had Day One ready to go when Hubs got home.   And....he surprised me by changing into his workout clothes and doing it with me!!!!

Yes, you read that right...I did P90X Yoga X (just 45 minutes, not the full hour and a half) yesterday morning at 5:30, and then P90X Core Synergistics yesterday afternoon at 3:00!!  This morning we backtracked and did the Fitness Test which I stupidly thought would be "easy".  HA.  They fooled me with that one!  I went to total muscle failure on my arms, legs, and core doing the "tests" that were called for.  ....and I'm running tonight with my NOBO 2 group.  They are doing hills, but since I'm coaching at a 5K this Saturday, I get a "by" on the repeats (I'll have to do them next week).

We'll start the nutrition plan next week after I've had time to look at it and go to the store--if I have enough energy to push the cart!!

Thanks for stopping in, come again soon!!  Let me know if you, or anyone you know, has experience with the P90X system...just, please, don't tell me to "Bring It"!

(PS...If I get brave enough, I'll post some before pictures.)

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  1. Good luck with it, but be careful. I have yet to know anyone that has done is that hasn't ended up injured. Don't try to keep up with them!


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