Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Run, Bike, P90X!

Yesterday I did a tri!  Not in the official way... but I did three kinds of workouts, so I'm calling that a tri!

I ran 3.5 miles on the trails with Daisy (not my best run at all, but got it done).  Then, later, I rode the super-fast road bike I borrowed from MV8r on a nearby greenway for seven miles.  Later still, I did the Legs and Back workout from P90X.  (DISCLAIMER:  I didn't do ANY of the pull ups because, 1) I'm not set up yet with the bar, and 2) I can't do pull ups! --I'm going to have to learn how to modify those.)

You might think I'd be sore today, but I'm really not.  I mean, I can tell I worked out, but it's not like I can't move today.  ...I'm getting stronger!!

One thing is for sure....there's nothing I've done that can get my heart rate up like running.  They talk about getting "in the zone" on P90X, but I just can't get my heart pumping doing those work out moves.  I'm sure part of it is because I'm not doing all the moves exactly correct just yet...but I think the other thing is that I can vary my speed while I'm running, to achieve better results with my heart rate, much easier than I can doing anything else.

Having said all that...I'm quickly becoming a fan of the bike.  Riding on the greenway was such a great experience.  I didn't have to worry about cars at all, which was a HUGE advantage, plus, it was much more flat than the route I took the first time.  Having a flatter place to ride allowed me to stay at a more consistent speed.  The only bad thing is that the longest greenway I know of is only 7 miles total.  Sure, I could do it multiple times, but that gets as old as running laps around a track.  YAWN!! 

I just remembered the advice I give to anyone who is looking for a new route.  Amazing when my own words come back to me!!  ...I'm looking on, under "Explore"/"Activities".  You can look in your own area for routes that have been shared by Garmin users (running, biking, hiking...all kinds of things!).   How exciting!!  :D

Thanks for stopping in, come again soon!

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