Sunday, February 7, 2010


One of my favorite bloggers, Anything Fits A Naked Man, gave me an award!!! 

Other than the gold medal in math when I was in the 9th grade, I can't remember ever winning an award this cool!!  But, I've been a tad reticent in my acceptance because it came with a two conditions!

The first condition was to list seven interesting things about me...I still haven't made my list.  But, I'm a "verbal processor", which means I talk (or write) a lot of words in order to figure out what it is that I'm thinking (or the point I'm trying to make).  This is the opposite of "most people" who think about what they're going to say, put their words together in a coherent form, and then speak!  I talk and talk (or write and write) then try to clean it up afterwards.  I'm so thankful for a husband who not only completely understands this, he frequently lets me "get my words out".  This is the very reason my profile name is "getting my words out", and why my other blog is called Using 100 Words When 10 Would Suffice

I'm going to count the above paragraph as the first two interesting things!!

1) I am a verbal processor!!
2) The meaning behind my profile name and other blog name.  (If I get desparate I'll come back and count this as two, but I think if I write long enough I'll come up with enough things to say!!)

3) I was a Middle Eastern Dancer!  Let me be clear here..."Belly Dancer" is not the proper term for the art in which I participated.  In ...Naked Man's blog post today she discussed pecking orders.  This dance form is no different from anything else, there's a certain caste system.  "Belly Dancing" refers to the "beer and pizza" form of this kind of dance, whereas the label "Middle Eastern Dancer" is reserved for the higher-ranking level of performers of all kinds of dance styles from the Middle East.  I started in about the ninth grade, and continued until well into college.  I quit because my first husband didn't understand the difference between the lowly "Belly Dancer" and "Middle Eastern Dancer" since we all wore close to the same outfits!

4) ....HEY, you know what??  Look back at the first sentence of this post.....that's going to be my number four!  I won the gold medal in math in the 9th grade!  Interestingly enough, the same day I won the award, I was also suspended from school!!  It's a long story, but I didn't do it.  I was innocent of the charges brought against least in my 14 year old eyes!  Having a 15 year old daughter, I can see how what I did might have been perceived as insubordination and disrespect, but, I was NOT GUILTY.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

5)  I have a black thumb.  Other than some peace lillies that have managed to keep themselves alive in my presence, I have killed every plant I've ever owned...even several cacti! ...Naked Man has not only a green thumb, but a green ARM as evidenced by this post...and I'm green with envy!  After reading that post, I ran out and got bought some plants for containers perched by my front door.  You could hear the poor things screaming as I reached for them, "PLEASE, NOT ME...PICK THAT ONE OVER THERE!!"  I was once given a potted Easter Lily with a card that said, "Just like Jesus gave his life for yours, this lily gives its life for your brief enjoyment."  (It lived about 3 weeks...)

6)  Okay....I'll admit it...I love BELLY BUTTONS!!!  It's not to the fetish level of love..and I have NO IDEA why, but I just love them.  When my kids were little I used to "zerbert" their little belly buttons until they couldn't breathe from laughing so hard.  My husband has the best belly button in the world, but he'll hardly allow me to even look at it and certainly won't allow me to touch it!


7)  I used to be terrified of heights and mice but have overcome both phobias.  I believe the acrophobia started when I was about 10 or so.  I was climbing on a rope ladder and fell.  It knocked the breath out of me.  It got so bad that I couldn't even go up on a step ladder.  I overcame that fear when my first husband and I bought an old house that needed a new roof.  We couldn't afford to hire a roofer, so we were forced to do it ourselves.  I decided there was no reason I had to remain afraid so I went up and down the ladder, and walked all over that roof (6/12 pitch, with a GORGEOUS view) until I got over it.  

The fear of mice started when I was pregnant with my son.  We had a mouse problem that I don't care to go into.  Although I'm "over" the musophobia (yes, that's a real word...I looked it up!), I don't think I'm over it enough to go back to the beginning again!  I overcame it by going to PetSmart again and again until I could pick them up without having heart palpitations...and kept going until I thought it was actually fun to play with them.

Now for condition number two...I have the privilege of passing this award on to seven other bloggers.    Here goes...drum roll, please.  And, the winners are...:

I'll have to reserve the other three "tags" because my blog world is about the size of Toad Suck Arkansas (actually much smaller), and I've just "moved in".  A couple of the blogs I follow are written by ultra-marathon running men who would pay as much attention to the award as my cat pays to the word "NO"!  ...and the others have all already won the title!

Okay, tomorrow back to posts about running!!

Thanks for stopping in, come again soon!

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