Saturday, October 26, 2013

IMLT Race Report(s)

My IMLT experience was so unbelievable I couldn't put it all in ONE blog post, so I had to do it in parts.  In order to put all the parts into one post, I'm linking them here.

Check-In/Day Before (AKA...Anything Can Happen (the song that was playing when I picked up my packet!!)

Pre-Race (AKA..."What on Earth did I get myself into!")

Swim and T1 (AKA..."You want me to get in the water when I can see my breath but not the buoys??")

Bike and T2 (AKA..."I can NOT climb that mountain AGAIN!" or maybe, "What do you mean there's MORE--there's the end of the ski lift, how can there be MORE mountain to climb??")

Run and Finish (AKA..."Did this really happen??  Wait, I have a medal, finisher's shirt and VIDEO!!")

It's still hard to believe the race is over.

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