Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"That's a GREAT tri suit!!"

I have been waiting to post about the awesome trisuit I wore in NOLA until I could download the professional pictures taken at the race.  However, that's taking longer than I anticipated so I'm going to write about it, and then I'll post the pictures later.  I do at least have one...my goofy pre-triathlon pose:

I have to admit it...I did something stupid, something that could have been detrimental to my whole race...well, a couple of things actually, but only one of them pertains to this post.  I wore a trisuit I had not adequately tested out in pre-race workouts.  I have known since this suit came out last year I wanted it, but I just kept putting off buying it because there always seems to be something I "need" that takes precedence over the things I "want".  Before I knew it the race was here.  Let me back up...

Back at the end of last year (November probably) I think I saw a FaceBook add about these really cool looking animal print tri suits.  I "liked" their FaceBook page and quickly found out their suits weren't even being sold yet, but would be soon.  I couldn't wait to get one!!  Then I started training for NOLA.  In the blink of an eye, the race was only a few weeks away and I hadn't yet ordered my suit!!!  I contacted Karen at the company and asked if there was any way I could get it in time (they're in Great Britain).  THANKFULLY she said she would send it to me special delivery so I would have it in FIVE days!!!

The package it came in was as cool as the suit-a zebra print mailer with zebra print tissue!  I had planned testing the suit out with a long swim, long ride and long run...but I was already in taper (and full-on freak-out if I'm being honest).  So,  I biked and ran for a few miles and called it good.  I figured the worst thing I could imagine happening was chaffing, and I haven't ever had that problem before.  I made sure to have a little thing of Body Glide in my Fuel Belt pouch just in case...  (by the way...that is so NOT the worst thing that could have happened...)

I opted for the "high performance" suit because it sounded like it might be a better quality product, and since I was going to be wearing it for 6ish hours I felt like I would need all the quality I could get!!  As far as the butterfly design goes...that's how I was feeling...like a caterpillar about to break free from the chrysalis.  ((I didn't feel like I would be racing like a cheetah, but I think I might get that version for some PR setting later on!!)) 

Let me say, I LOVE this suit.  I love the colors.  I love the fact it looks like a heart right in the middle of my chest.  Most of all, I love that it honestly felt like second skin.   The legs are a little longer than what I've been used to; I was worried that might bother my thighs, but I never even felt them.  Also the underarms felt just a tiny bit tighter than I've been used to (I really like racer back tops), but again, I never felt any part of this suit at any point in time. 

I'm the one on the right...
I'm VERY small in the chest department (built like a pear) so I wasn't sure what size I needed but I ended up trusting the size chart and ordered a small (yet another reason to love this suit!!).   The interesting thing to me was the bra.  When I first put it on, I didn't think it was going to provide enough support. I was surprised and a little concerned since I didn't have a good back up option (not one that would match, and come on, that is important!).  However, when I did my test run, it felt great--again...like second skin. 

Another great thing about this suit...the material is called "cool max active performance" (some magical blend).  The tag says it will "wick away moisture...keep you cool dry and comfortable...lightweight, soft and breathable..."  My experience was ...the tag was RIGHT on every count.  I can't say it enough--it felt like second skin.  It wasn't like I was naked because it offered the support for all my jiggly parts which my own skin lost years ago!!  But it also didn't feel like I was wearing some kind of compression suit either. 

I didn't think I would like a one piece suit (...I'm a pear, "one piece" usually means only one part, either the top or the bottom, will fit properly), but this suit stretched in all the right places.  One thing I noticed about the one piece that I really liked compared to my tri shorts...I didn't feel anything on my waist.  (Well, not until I put on the fuel belt....)  Also, I didn't have to keep pulling my top down since it was all connected!! :D

I think the best part about the suit was the number of times I heard "that's a GREAT tri suit!"  No doubt about it, I was noticeable...and unique.  Yup...second skin, in more ways than one!!

TRIZOO.ORG...if you order one, tell them you heard about them from me.  No, I won't get a kick back or anything I just think it's cool.  :D  ((And, to be clear, I haven't received anything from them to write up this post...it's my own opinion about my own suit, which I love, in case you were still wondering!))   BTW...they have really cool suits for men, too!

Thanks for stopping in...come again soon.  ((Maybe then I'll have some pictures to share!))

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