Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Active Recovery Plan, I "can't" run for six weeks.  I would very much like to include the 10 days I didn't run pre-race, but my tyrant of a husband has "ordered" me to start counting the recovery period from the day after.  We'll see.

The options are almost overwhelming.  But, the thing I know I have to do is make a plan.  I know myself well enough to know if I don't make a plan, I'll wind up not doing anything at all.  I am scraping the idea of training for the sprint tri.  That would mean buying a bathing suit.  No.  That would also mean buying or borrowing a bike.  No.

Strength training.  Spinning classes.  Water running.  I think I'll focus on those three things.  And my diet.  I want to lose weight.  I don't think I've mentioned it on here...I found out from my doctor that my vitamin D level was on the low side.  And, no surprise, my thyroid isn't working.  She seems to think taking vitamin D will help the thyroid which will help my metabolism, which will enable me to lose weight.  I also had a full allergy panel done-the results won't be back for another week or two.  I've read how food intolerances can cause the kind of thyroid problem I have.  Once I have that panel back I'm set to meet with a nutritionist. 

I have to take a look at training plans and do some backwards math to see where I'm at with my marathon goal.  I have no doubt I CAN do it....but I want to be in good shape for it, unlike what happened with Cotton Row.  So, I think I have to decide what the goal is....distance or speed.  If distance is the goal, then I'm going for the marathon.  If speed is more important, then I might just go for a half in late November.  I actually think I like that plan better just because I "know" I can go faster than what I've been going....but I've been told to slow down in order to go further.

THAT is why I'm training for a marathon---I want EVERYTHING right NOW.  This whole process is about me learning that some things really do take time.  And, some things take longer for some people.  But, "sitting down" is not an option.  Even if I can't run, I can move forward toward my goal.

Thanks for stopping in, come again soon!

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  1. Wow....spin and bodypump in the same night? Could you move the next day? Man that is hardcore! Nice job!

    I am scared to death to take a spin class because it looks like torture!

    Thanks for swinging by. I am glad you did because I found your great blog.


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