Friday, June 25, 2010

New Obsession--Newton's

Well...even though I'd really love to get a bike and train for a tri...I think it's a bit too much right now.  I'm loving the spin & weight classes as a way to cross train, but I'm still "just" a runner for now.  (Truth be told, I just don't have the money to sink into of these days I will.  Until then...I'll stick with my drug of choice.)

I'm getting close to being set free from the "NO running" restrictions, and I can NOT wait.

Run Like a Mother recently posted about a different kind of running shoe-Newton's.  Intrigued, I did the obsessive thing and looked at virtually every single website I could find (trust me, there are a lot of them out there).  I think I'm hooked.  I'm going to order a pair tomorrow!!  My hope is I'll have them in time for my post-injury run.  It's basically like barefoot running with shoes on-how about that?

As soon as I get them, I'll start my official "Newton" review.


  1. Sometimes when I come to your blog I am trying to read it while keeping my children still asleep and I turn the music off. Today my oldest daughter and I were watching tv and I clicked on and the song Gonna Fly Now (theme from Rocky) was the top of the play list. I am now going to download it so I can have it on my running play list. Thank you for the reminder of a power song that pushes people to their limits.

  2. It is AMAZING what a song, particularly that song, can do! :D

  3. hi! I was googling Newton as well - I have been drooling over them and found a sweet deal and ordered some yesterday! I got the pink universal racers. I'm not able to run yet, either - I had foot surgery in March - but am saving these for when the surgeon clears me to start my tri training in earnest! good luck!


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