Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Only (I) Can Be Responsible for (My) Own Training"

All day I've been "trying to decide" if I'll actually go to my group run tonight.  (So much for behaving in accordance with a decision previously made, huh?)  I have an excuse....I'm sick.  My nose is completely stopped up.  My head feels full of honey.  My mouth is full of cotton.  I can't quit coughing.  My ears can't hear.  (Please, someone offer some cheese to go with my whine!)

I "skipped" yesterday's run (well, I didn't "skip" it, I just conveniently rearranged my running plan for the week to allow for a rest day yesterday).  I did this because I felt worse than crap.  Today...I feel even worse.

I'm blaming this on a curse I've had on me since the first time I sent a child to school sick.  See, when my kids tell me how bad they feel on a school day, I tell them if there's no fever or throw up, they're going to school.  Unfortunately for me, there have been more times than not I end up catching whatever it is...to give me the "opportunity" to show them how to continue to honor responsibilities despite feelings.

I think it's really funny how this past week I've read about two different bloggers running while they're sick as dogs.  As I was reading I thought to myself how hard core they are and I wondered what I would do in the same situation.  Yesterday I found myself thinking how soft my own core is.


To top it off...I've started reading a Runner's World blog called "Marathon Virgin".  As "luck" would have it, today I went back to what I think is the beginning to find this little nugget waiting for me:
Only you can be responsible for your training, your body, and your performance....
((That wasn't the point of the post, but it's my take away.))

So, despite how rotten I'm feeling, in order to harden my core, and realizing I'm the one responsible for my own training....tonight I will behave in accordance with a decision previously made and join my running group for 3 miles.

Thanks for stopping in, come again soon!

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