Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fairy Tale Life

I tell my husband all the time that he has given me a fairy tale life. While it's true, I live like a princess (for the record, Queens have more responsibility than princesses do), the bigger truth is that I've always lived a fairy tale life.

Fairy tales don't start out "happily ever after". That's the way they end. Because I know I will spend eternity in Heaven, that is certainly the way my life will finish up. But fairy tales start in a far away land, long ago, once upon a time. They are fully of hardship and challenge. They all have an evil-doer. They all have a moment when you wonder if this will be the fairy tale that doesn't quite pull out of the nose dive and ends in flames.

I've had life moments when I felt like the pre-Charming Cinderella. I've been the "evil" step-mother. I've lived deep in the woods, sleeping my days away. I've kissed a lot of frogs. I've let my hair grow, and I've chopped it off. I've been swimming in the sea and have soared in the sky.

And, I know I will get to my "happily ever after" one of these days.

In the mean time I'm living the day to day life of a fairy tale princess. Some days the sun is shining and the birds are singing...and then there are days the enemy is coming to chop off my wings.

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