Saturday, July 2, 2011

Would You Rather...???

My friend Jane made a recent post called Would You Rather, which she borrowed and modified from Run the Edge...which I'm going to borrow and maybe not modify here!!

1.  Would you rather run for two hours around a putrid smelling landfill or run for two hours in a mosquito infested swamp wearing nothing but a sports bra, split shorts, and shoes?  

Jane's answer...This question was asked of Tim (minus the sports bra) and he replied that he'd choose the mosquitos.  I disagreed, and my reasons were for exactly what took place this morning.  I figure you can get used to the smell, so that it is not so strong (although I may be wrong about this - skunk smell sure does last), but mosquitos will go in your eyes and nose and mouth, stick to you, etc.

I have to agree.  I can handle smell much better than BUGS.

2. On a hot summer day would you rather run a marathon barefoot or in snow shoes?

Jane's answer:  I'm gonna say barefoot, even though it will not be pretty.  I'm also going to confess that I do not really know what snow shoes are, but they sound big, bulky and hot!  I don't think I want to run a marathon on a hot summer day period, but given these choices I'd revert back to my childhood days of constant shoelessness, and try it barefoot.

This is why I don't like Would You Rather...I don't like either of these choices.  But since that's not an option, I'd have to say barefoot, although it might take me 12 hours to finish! :D

3.  Would you rather run 3 miles naked at 5am or 5 miles in a string bikini at 5pm?  Location: your daily running route (neighborhood). 

Jane's answer:  This question is modified from the original question, but my answer remains the same for both.  Its the birthday suit for me.  You've got fewer miles and shorter time, plus if you've seen my running route at 5am versus 5pm, you know there is a good chance no one will spot me in the morning, whereas the entire town will view the string bikini at closing time.

Again, I'd have to agree...

4.  Would you rather finish last in a race, but run your best time or win a race with a very slow time?

Jane's answer:  This one is tough.  It is fun to win a race, but it is also very satisfying to PR.  My reasons may be different from what Tim and Adam had to say (being that I am rarely if ever in the spotlight while running).  I'm going to choose the personal record.  I rarely remember if I place in a race, but I know my best times in all events I do, and I am constantly chasing those.  I think I'm more fulfilled by beating myself than beating anyone else.

Yes...I know it seems I'm taking the easy way out by agreeing, but so far that's just the way it's fallen...I think if I won with a very slow time I would feel like I had picked a race that was way too easy.  However, if I PR last--boy what competition--I must have been in the Triathlon Nationals to be taking the line with athletes like THAT!!  Someone has to be last-at least I got a PR out of the deal!

5.  Would you rather get caught by race spectators squatting behind a bush to pee mid-marathon or finish on camera with it running down your leg?

Jane's answer:  The first part actually happened to my mom during a marathon.  She squatted behind a bush thinking no one could see her, but she was in full view of a balcony full of spectators.  They cheered for her and she waved.  She has no shame.  I think I'd go with that one, although whose to say a camera would really notice it running down your leg, unless the announcer called it out.  "Now finishing is Jane Reneau from Alabama and, oh my, it looks like she couldn't wait!" 

FINALLY an answer we disagree on.  I look forward to the day I'm running so fast I don't want to stop to pee!!!  Not only that, come on, who's going to notice that it's pee--it could just as easily be SWEAT.  Not only that, we all stink to high heaven so not like that's going to matter either!  I don't know that I could really actually DO it, but again if I'm ever to the point I am running strong enough for a couple of minutes to matter, I'm going to HOPE there's a camera to capture the finish!

So sorry for stealing Jane's complete post--so lazy of me. 

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  1. Ha ha - that is the whole point of "Would you Rather." You aren't supposed to like ANY of the choices, but you pick the lesser evil. ha ha. Great answers! Especially that last one!


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