Sunday, June 19, 2011

I am a Triathlete

I talk about Coach Eric a lot... because I trust what he has to say. 

Before this training group I wanted to hire a swim coach, someone who could watch me and help with my stroke, to make me a better swimmer.  However, one of the things Coach E says, frequently, is I'm NOT a swimmer or a runner or a biker.
I am a triathlete.

"We" don't run like runners, bike like bikers, or swim like swimmers.  For example...swimming in open water with a lot of other bodies means I can't extend my arm out and glide through the water like a longer distance swimmer would.  I have to focus on propulsion that is protected underneath my body and fast turnover.  I also shouldn't rely on my legs since I need them for the bike and the run.  And since my run will follow the swim and  ride, my stride is most likely going to be shortened therefore I have to work with that and put my focus on a much faster cadence.

More than the competition in the individual sports...there are the transitions between them to consider.  Transitions can make or break a triathlete.  If I'm first out of the water but don't have all that I need to get on the bike quickly, I won't hang on to the lead for long.  Something as simple as easy laces can save enough time to make a podium appearance.

I dearly love this three-in-one sport.  I'm training myself along the way to stop thinking I wish I was a better swimmer or biker or simply thinking I'm training to be a better triathlete!!

Thanks for stopping in, come again soon!

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