Monday, January 10, 2011

Overtrained? I prefer "underrested" thank you very much.

Let's take a look at the week in review...

***WARNING, this is a very boring, detailed recap, really for my own (confessional) benefit, feel free to skip it.***

Monday I woke up at 5 so I could drive back from Arkansas.  With the time it took to pick up my daughter, I was on the road about eight hours.  Food for the day: a half dozen of the best cream-filled (and chocolate covered cream filled) donuts on the planet, and probably little else.

Tuesday, on very little sleep, I did P90X on an empty stomach, then ran just under six miles (half those were very hilly) (yes, I did eat before I went out).  My total net calories that day 687 (78% carbs, 13% fat).

Wednesday-P90X but no other exercise at all.  I ate very poorly because my husband had surgery.  Net calories 954 (60% carbs, 24% fat).

Thursday-I ran 4 miles, swam (well, splashed around back and forth in the pool is more like it) 300 yards (yes, I know-pathetic...but at least I didn't drown!!) and walked 1.5 miles later in the day.  I was 124 calories over for the day (70% carbs, 17% fat).

Friday-I ran 4 miles, biked 9.5, splashed around in the pool 400 yards and did a LAME "Zumba"-wanna-be class.  Net calories-........... (insert long drawn out internal struggle here...tell, don't tell, blah blah blah) 71 (seriously, I don't know if the calories I burn are correct or not, who knows, but it was 65% carbs and 27% fat).

Saturday-I ran 10 GREAT miles (that's what I wanted to sit down and write about, until I read THIS).  I don't think I really logged all my calories that day because I'm not showing that I even ate any dinner (and, no I can't remember), but what I did log was a net of 304 for the day (63% carbs, 32% fat!!).

And, finally, Sunday-I didn't do any exercise at all and ate a total of 1358 calories (50% carbs, 34% fat!).

I don't think I've probably had half the water I "should" have this week, and there's no way I've gotten 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

*****Long, boring, detailed confessional concluded******

I woke up this morning, (after a fitful 5 hours of sleep) VERY upset with myself for not getting in a work out yesterday.  I wanted to run a couple of recovery miles (it was unbelievably cold and windy), I wanted to swim...okay, I thought about swimming (I went to the movies instead), I briefly considered doing P90X when we got home from the movies, but the fam and I put a (VERY HARD) puzzle together and waited for the great Alabama blizzard of 2011 to hit.  I was laying there replaying the week and trying to understand my less than sunny mood, when I read today's post on Run Like a Mother regarding over-training.

She had me hooked the fourth sentence in, "I was exhausted, in a crappy mood, especially snappy with my kids, overwhelmed with work and life." (Bold type is mine, although my husband and daughter would bold the "especially snappy" part.)

The whole time I was reading I kept thinking, "I can't be over-trained."  ...Until I got to the little test at the end.  I scored a whopping 7 (unless buttered popcorn counts as "dinner").  Chances are really high I didn't score above an 11 all week.  If you read the post, you can't help but to see my comment as it's second in the list.  I considered just sitting on this valuable information, and even more strongly considered NOT sharing it with my husband.  I don't need to hear how I'm doing to much.  But, the truth of the matter is, although I refuse to believe I'm "over-trained", I am under-rested.

I printed out the "test" to use as a guide.  Also, I'm going to plan on making a meal plan in addition to my work-out plan.  I don't want to cut back my training, but I will step up my rest!!

Thanks for stopping in....I think I'll try to go take a nap now!  :D


  1. Hi Dana,
    I'm so glad I tuned in for this post. I wasn't even sure what net calories were until about halfway through your post. Oh, Dana. Remember that you cannot run without fuel...take it from someone who knows. I eat before running and while running (it's necessary in a marathon!). Don't let food become the enemy. You need energy! Anyway, if I can help in any way with advice on running or whatever, let me know. And thanks for commmenting on my last post.

  2. Okay, so I'm not going to hold is what it looks like to me.

    It looks like you "punish" yourself if you eat too much or badly (the doughnuts) or if you don't get to work out one day. And I do understand the frustration when you want to work out but weather or schedule prevents you from doing so.

    But when I look at your days as described, I don't see an over-the-top workout schedule (and I realize I may not be a good judge). I see someone who is not eating NEARLY enough. I don't know what the percentages of carbs and fat mean you ate, but if you want your body to perform well for you and allow you to do the things you love (running, swimming, etc) you have got to fuel it correctly. That means fruits and veggies and whole grains and liquids and protein - all that good stuff.

    I know you and I don't know each other well and I am usually very hesitant to hand out unsolicited advice, especially to those I do not know, but as a fellow runner I felt I should comment. I'm not sure if your goals involve weight - to lose or maintain - or if your goals are fitness related - to achieve certain times or distances, but none of that will be successful unless done right.

    One of the things that works for me is my notion of "grazing". But on healthy things. A breakfast of whole grain and maybe protein. A fruit for a snack a few hours later. A light lunch with protein, carbs, and a veggie. Some cheese and crackers or another fruit a few hours later. Dinner with a protein and a veggie and then a light dessert.

    This kind of eating/diet has helped me lose and then maintain my weight for over 5 years now. It has also allowed me to achieve my fitness goals and to reach for more.

    I wish you all the very best in every you do, and I don't think you are over doing it or even under-resting. I think your body needs a bit more nutrition and most of that would be set right (except the snow...which we all hope is swiftly melting). ;)


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