Saturday, January 15, 2011

Getting Ready to Tri

This week should have been the kick off for my tri training group, but since the great Alabama blizzard has brought everything to a halt here, it was postponed until next week.  I started to say I've had a disappointing work-out week, but, I think instead I'll just say I had a restful week and leave it at that!

I joined the natatorium-a three month unlimited membership but have only made it over there twice so far.  I was feeling pretty decent about my 300 and 400 yard swims until I started reading some other newbie bloggers who started out swimming 1000 yards.  Okay...I'm trying not to compare, but it's just my nature!  Here's the thing--except for the couple of times I've mentioned here, I haven't been swimming since college!  I took a class so I could finally learn how to really swim since I hadn't learned as a kid...but I was just slightly embarrassed because everyone in the class already knew how to swim, they were just there for the fun of it.  So the fact that I splashed back and forth for about a fifth of a mile without drowning is not a bad start.

I would like to figure out a way to count my laps because it's hard to think about it when I'm trying not to gulp in pool water.  I'm sure there's something made for this; I'll have to look into it later. 

I'm getting really excited about the thought of calling myself a triathlete.  Just a year ago I wasn't able to call myself a runner!!  This is going to be a great year!

Thanks for stopping in...come again soon!

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  1. About the lap counting.

    Google "sport count"- it is a stop watch lap counter that fits on your finger. Get the one that times each lap. With the other models you will not be sure if you didn't double click it.

    I use a laminated note card and a grease pencil.

    Glad you are liking the whole Triathlete thing. I have found it a great way to keep running. I want to be a runner when I am 80 if I live that long.

    Run Dan Run


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