Thursday, February 12, 2015

Blurry Vision

2014 is long gone and 2015 is in full force but the last year has gone by like a blur.

I had my shoulder surgery January 7 2014 and started rehab at Johnson and Hayes the next day.  I finished formal therapy but got to keep going long after that to keep working out that shoulder.  Here I am over a year later and it's still not where it needs to be.  It's better and I'm stronger and I can do more but it's not as good as I had hoped it would be.  It still hurts.  It's still weak.  It's still not working like the right side does.  But I still see improvement so I see that as a good thing.

I only did three triathlons last year, Wet Dog, Racing Rivals, and Frantic Frog.  All sprints and all as a member of the Bicycle Cove racing team.  I also did a few little running races (said with a shy grin).

I haven't written about it yet but I completed the Grand Slam this year.  This series consists of the Dizzy 50 (50K for me), Rocket City Marathon, Recover From the Holidays (50K) and Mountain Mist (50K), all completed between November 15th and January 24th.  119.2 miles of races (roughly) in 10 weeks, not counting the Xterra 15K race and the training runs.  That's a lot of running.  I'll write more about that experience later on.

2014 wasn't all about races (obviously).  Other things happened.  My daughter moved back home from college.  We had a pipe freeze in our attic that caused about $20K in damage to our house (and that took about 3 months to repair).  I also started a kids triathlon team (dtKids) and created a new kids race (the Kids Fly Tri).  I also ran a kids tri program at the YMCA for the older kids in their summer camp program.

I was fortunate enough to train a slew of adult runners and triathletes who made some major breakthroughs in distances and times and a few of them conquered fears that were holding them in chains.

On top of all that I started training at Iron Tribe Fitness.  This has been a big change for me. I believe the hard work I'm putting in at the gym is already beginning to pay off.

The year went by like a blur and this year is already starting to fly by me.  I have a lot planned for this coming year.  I created another new kids race (Rocket Kid Tri).  I expanded the kids team to include a Club and added a teen team (Triple Threat).  I put together a kids triathlon program as well as a group training program for their sprint triathlon (Soggy Seals).

My race calendar is a little sparse because I'm focused squarely on IMChoo.  January 24th I completed the hardest race I've ever done (Mountain Mist) so it makes the rest of the year's calendar looks  "easy" (well, not really...).  Next up for me is McKay Hollow 25K (my all time favorite race).  I'm going to attend an IM camp in Chattanooga that will allow me to train on the course. Then I have Racing Rivals (because I love this race) and likely Rocket Man (although it's the day after my kids tri).  IMChoo is at the end of September.  A little rest and recovery and it will be time to start training for Mountain Mist again!!'s a blur.  I'm going to blink and I'll be writing my 2015 summary (probably in March of 2016 if this year is any indication!).

Out with the old, in with the new...but if you blink the new will be the old before you have your eyes opened again!

(not my shoes...)

Thanks for stopping in.  Now go train!

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