Friday, January 3, 2014

In Other News...

My shoulder wasn't the only "thing" that happened last year.  I also completed a couple of certifications.  I became a Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist as well as a USA Triathlon Youth and Junior Coach.  Most recently I recertified as a Mad Dogg Spin Instructor (so I can keep teaching Spin classes at the Y).  I also formed my own LLC!!!

Yup…that's right, Dana Trains is now a full fledged legitimate business entity!

The next big news is the formation of dtKids Tri Team!  I had originally planned to kick off last fall, but little did I know there is a lot more to the business side of things than just setting a goal!  Turns out I'm very thankful I waited because I have been able to learn a lot along the way.  Not to mention now I can wait to kick off until after I heal up a bit from surgery.  Look for dtKids news in the very near future!  For now, take a look at this AWESOME logo!  In case you don't get why that swimmer is wearing a cowboy hat….stay tuned for "the story of the hat"…  :D

Thanks for stopping in.  Come again soon!

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