Friday, November 11, 2011

Huntsville Half Pre-Race Thoughts I'm nervous.  I've been training with a different philosophy than I'm used to so I just don't know what to think.  Basically, I've been doing speed work once a week with long "slow" and easier runs the other days.  I know for a fact it's working because I'm getting faster on my "easy" runs, and have been able to hold a better "fast" pace most speed work days.  But today will be the real test.  But it's a 13.1 mile test.  Well...I did run the Monte Sano 15K (9:06 pace on a hilly course, with a cold, over a month ago--meaning I have even more training under my soles!).

Anyway...I took a look at the workout calculator thing our coaches have been using from McMillan Running.  It was extremely encouraging.  I did some reverse calculations using 1:50 as my time for the half to see what kind of times I would need to be using to train...and WOW, it's right were I'm at actually!!  I'm just having a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea I could train that "slow" and race that "fast". 

I was talking to a guy the other day who said the key to running faster is to slow down on long run, make speed work FAST and easy runs EASY.  He said he used to train at all one pace; all his races-at any distance from 5K-marathon-were all at the same pace.  Once he started doing as he said he began to have much faster shorter distance races.  My husband has been saying the same thing to me (although in a different way) for a few months now.  (Yes, my husband is always right, but I didn't like how he was telling me...he was basically saying I needed to keep my heart rate below 138--based on a book he's been reading...)  Anyway...this who philosophy is just hard for me to grasp because I don't have enough actual experience with it.  I almost wish this was a 5K so I could test it out on a smaller scale!!

I know many people are saying, "Why are you so nervous?  It's not like someone will shoot you if you don't finish in a certain time."  But, I want to do my best, remember??  The problem is I have no idea what that is.  I don't want to rein myself in out of fear.

I think Chickpea is laughing a bit at my nerves.  She hasn't run many races and asked me the other day, "so what will happen if you go 'too fast'?"  I basically said you end up slowing down more than you could have if you just ran a steady slower pace from the start.  I think, based on what I've learned doing speedwork, the mind--MY mind--gives up a long time before my body does.

Time to run a race!!!

Thanks for stopping in...should have a recap for you soon!

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