Monday, October 24, 2011

The Workout that Wasn't-A Comedy of Errors

not my swim bag...
I've been having trouble getting to the pool three days a week like I want.  Something always seems to go wrong...or I don't "behave in accordance with a decision previously made" and go back to sleep when the alarm goes off.  Last week I didn't even make it ONCE.  So last night I got my swim bag ready (towel, clothes, swim "gear") and put it by the door that leads to the garage.  I put my swim suit in the bath room so I wouldn't have to go search for it, and put the clothes I wear over my suit with it.  I made sure my alarm was set for 4am.  And...I was fast asleep before 8pm!!  (Yes, early, but I was wiped out and knew I needed to get a good night's sleep in order to get up ready to GO at 4.)
not my alarm clock...

I woke up before my alarm went off (at 3:15).  I almost got up then, but knew that would be a mistake since the pool doesn't open til 5.  I closed my eyes, and what seemed like a minute later my alarm was going off.  I'd like to say I hopped out of bed, but that wouldn't be the took a good 5 minutes for me to convince myself I WANTED to go swim this morning.  Finally...up and at 'em.  Because I had everything ready I was able to get out the door by 4:20ish.

pretty much my fuel light
The Dixie Daredevils are having a yard sale on Saturday so we have been taking donations for stuff people want to get rid of...all of which are in my garage (we've got some GREAT stuff to sell so if you like BARGAINS, come to the sale Saturday--Cheval neighborhood-we'll be in the parking lot at the front!).  So...I went out the front door, got in a COLD car and was thankful I had some extra time to let it warm up.  As it was warming up, the "FUEL NOW" light came on.  Wow...what a blessing I was still in my driveway so I could go back in and get my purse (that I usually leave home when I swim).  So...purse in hand, I was off to the pool.

obviously...not my gas station...
When I got about 4/5s of the way there...I realized...the swim bag I carefully packed up the night before--was still by the door that leads to the garage!!  I didn't go out that door and had completely forgotten the bag!!  So, since I was turning around I decided I might as well go ahead and get some gas now.  If the station that's one block off my route was open, I'd still have time to get back to the pool for an hour work out instead of 90 minutes.  When I pulled up, all the lights inside and outside were on, and the music was blaring--YEA!!!  So, I got out, put my card in, pushed the button...and nothing.  Someone came to the door and looked out so I figured I must be the first customer of the day (since it wasn't quite 5 yet) I hit cancel and tried again.  Nothing.  As I was realizing they must in fact be closed, a man pulled up and told me they don't open until SIX!!  (Why on Earth did they have all the lights and music on??)

So...I decided to go well out of my way to get gas...and skip my swim this morning because even though I could still get in about 45 minutes, I'd rather have a 90 minute workout tomorrow.  The car will be "full", the bag will be by the front will all work out for me to workout!!

I'm not really a procrastinator...I'm a planner!


  1. That is kind of funny. Especially since most of it happened before 5:00 a.m. Ha! When I was doing the tri thing, swimming was the HARDEST thing for me to get myself to do. So I understand having to convince yourself in those first few minutes after the alarm that you really DO want to get out and do it. :)

  2. Morning workouts just don't happen for me. I really admire your will-power and self-discipline.


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