Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Revisionist Historian..

My husband tells me I am the queen of revisionist history, you know, not quite remembering things exactly the way they "really" happened.  Well...that might have been what happened the other day with my friend.  He told me after my post came out he NEVER said what I heard. And, I believe him.

The whole thing reminded me, once again, what I hear is filtered through my own beliefs about myself, both good and bad.  No matter what is actually said out loud...I typically hear what it is I already think.  Surely you know what I mean.  If your husband says "you look nice", you can take that to mean exactly what it says, or read into it all sorts of other things like "wow, you should really go change because that dress makes you look like my grandmother and your hair looks like you just stuck your finger in a socket".

I had a long post planned out, and was well into it....until I realized the most important thing I wanted to say is THANK YOU to all my sweet friends who lovingly reminded me how hard I am on myself.  You all got what I was saying--it wasn't what I thought my friend said that was tormenting me, it was my opinion of myself I was dealing with.  And THANK YOU for telling me I'm a good coach, a good athlete, and that I look amazing! :D  I promise I was NOT fishing for compliments...I was doing what it is I do-"verbally" processing.  

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